Robin wrote six books, three as a considered trilogy and three to augment. “Functional Pottery:Form and Aesthetics in Pots of Purpose”, is about design; “Making Marks:Discovering the Ceramic Surface” explores decoration processes; and "The Ceramic Spectrum” delves into glaze and colour development. This trilogy is designed to give the reader general information that may also be used as a course of study in Ceramics. “Stayin’ Alive:Survival Tactics for the Visual Artist” is about business for artists. “Robin Hopper Ceramics:A Lifetime of Works, Ideas and Teachings” is a combination of autobiography, 55 year retrospective overview of his work, reviewed parts from previous books and some recent technical developments. “Clay and Glazes for the Potter” is a co-edition of the late Daniel Rhodes’ seminal book of the 1950’s. It has been brought up to date with the many changes in the ceramic field since the original and second editions. Unfortunately it is no longer being published. Several of Robin’s books are now being published by which is an online community serving active potters and ceramic artists worldwide. Four of the books made it into the top five in a recent reader survey of favourite ceramics books in Pottery Making Illustrated, USA.

In conjunction with Tara Publications, Robin made several highly acclaimed educational VIDEOS based on the content of his books. “Making Marks” is a series of six half-hour videos. “Form and Function” is a series of five of varied length depending on content. There are also “Beginning to Throw on the Potters’ Wheel” and “Advanced Throwing” programs of approximately 60 minutes each. For descriptions and purchasing of the VIDEOS, go to

Robin Hopper Inspiration and Interpretation”Robin Hopper Inspiration and Interpretation” was Robin’s last DVD produced by Rushing Waters Studio.

Cover of A Potter's GardenRobin’s eBook is called “A Potter’s Garden - An Artist’s Approach to Creative Garden-Making”. This book illustrates his award-winning garden and the influences and inspiration that it had on his pottery. It is the story of a very personal garden and its development through the eyes and mind of an artist. It is about creative garden-making. It is $9.99 US and can be downloaded at Smashwords. Note: for optimal image-viewing, the book is best viewed as a PDF. ISBN:9781310648175

Cover of Functional Pottery.
First published in 1986, "Functional Pottery", has been extensively revised and updated to include more than 250 colour photos as well as hundreds of black and white photos and illustrations. Covering historical as well as contemporary pottery, this acclaimed and inspirational book presents both philosophical and practical experiences from the 55 year pottery making career of Robin Hopper, one of North America's most recognized ceramic artists. Perusing this book is like having a ceramic museum, art gallery, encyclopedia, and master potter at hand teaching and inspiring at the same time. Beginning with a view of the historical development of pottery, the book presents a wide discussion on the aesthetics of form and design. Also addressed are the mechanics of making and the practical solutions to functional design in pots for eating, drinking, storage, pouring, cooking, serving, and pots for rituals and contemplation. ISBN:0-87341-817-4

Cover of Ceramic Spectrum
As a former painter frustrated by the lack of solid information on ceramic colour development, Robin Hopper researched the processes of colour development until he gained mastery over the technical side of this art form. His personal journey of discovery is the core of "The Ceramic Spectrum". Since publication of the first edition in 1984, Hopper did further extensive research into glaze, colour, texture, and surface enrichment. In addition to the material in the first edition, the second edition features several new or expanded chapters. "The Ceramic Spectrum" is the perfect text for the creative ceramic artist. It explores glaze and colour making in a hands on way that follows the empirical understanding used for thousands of years. It is also the perfect practical complement to any glaze theory, or processes of calculation from slide-rules to software. ISBN: 0-87341-821-2

Cover of Making Marks.
Robin Hopper drew from nearly 55 years of experience, offering a wealth of ceramic surface decoration possibilities-some rarely ever exposed-in this brand new all-inclusive guide! The expansive range of techniques provided in Making Marks, together with the straightforward tips for successful use, is a formula guaranteeing remarkable results for potters, teachers, students, collectors, or anyone with an interest in ceramics. From the fundamentals (basic approaches to drawing, colour theory, glaze development, and spatial development) to the clay processes (decoration with tools, adding and removing marks, and use of liquid and coloured clays), and from the pigment processes (variables of colourants, brush, stamp, spray, and pencil marks, and resistance techniques) to the glazing and firing processes (glaze application methods, heat and flame, vapor and fume, and multiple fired surfaces), this guide contains everything readers want and need to know. There has never been a more complete guide on decorative techniques for ceramic surfaces. ISBN:0-87349-504-7

Cover of Staying Alive.
"Stayin' Alive" is about strategies for survival in developing a personal lifestyle as a creative artist. It is a combination of pragmatism, practicality, and philosophy, liberally helped with humor and anecdote from 55 years of personal experience in doing it. It also incorporates personal life stories by 19 other successful full-time studio artists. Between them they have over 500 years of studio experience in the art of "Stayin' Alive". It covers topics ranging from Finding the Real You, Being Businesslike, Pricing and Marketing, to Promotion and the Development of a Personal Idiom. Also included, from four specialists in the field, is information on legal and financial matters, photographing your work, and approaching magazine publishers and the media . The wealth of information this book contains is both relevant and life-affirming to any creative endeavor in many countries of the world. By example, this book aims to help any creative person, no matter where. ISBN: 0-87349-571-3

Cover of Robin Hopper Ceramics.
Join master artist Robin Hopper as he opens the door to his more than 55-year exploration of ceramics, in this intriguing "best of" guide. Through Hopper's innovative insight and personal reflection, you will learn the "hows" and "whys" behind his artistry, and discover the fascinating journey of his life, which serves as the catalyst behind much of his work.
This book:
1. Brings you into the mind of a renowned artist, where you will find inspiration to push yourself further in your ceramic work
2. Introduces you to the man within the legendary artist
3. Covers topics including form, surface, function, design, development and themes.
This book is only available now as an e-book ISBN:0-87349-996-4

Cover of Clay and Glazes for the Potter.
This revised edition of Daniel Rhodes' seminal book on the fundamentals of ceramic technology adheres closely to editions published in 1957 and revised in 1973, updating and simplifying where necessary, and adding new sections devoted to health hazards, computer calculation programs, increased colour information, and expanded photographic images of both historical and contemporary work. Over 250 colour photos plus illustrations and charts offer detailed information for today's potter. This book is no longer being published. ISBN: 0-83741-863-8